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In most DUI cases, prosecutors present their version of the facts as clear-cut, convincing and incontrovertible.

Along similar lines, many DWI lawyers tout their “success rates” and boast of being able to challenge almost any drunk driving case.

In reality, DUI cases can and are successfully challenged every day by lawyers who know how to argue the finer points of the law. Even so, prosecutors win just as many, if not more, cases on the whole. And in those cases, keeping you out of jail becomes the real prize to seek.

Our attorneys have proven their ability to evaluate DUI cases along these lines and to accomplish our clients’ goals.

Whatever the charge, whatever the BAC, attorneys at Prince Law Offices will work hard to minimize the consequences of your arrest and keep you out of jail. If you or someone close to you has recently been arrested and charged with DUI, we encourage you to call or contact our firm for an initial consultation and immediate legal help.

Pennsylvania uses a three-tiered system with regard to DUI sentencing. The higher the blood alcohol content, the harsher the sentencing options will be.

But options are just that, options. They are not set in stone. Prosecutors can get authority to reduce charges and make favorable sentencing recommendations. Judges have discretion in the actual sentencing phase of cases too.

With that in mind, our firm’s experience and knowledge of the law and reputation within the legal communities of southeast Pennsylvania have helped many previous clients to stay out of jail when their cases could not be effectively challenged by other means.

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